Apple’s Hottest Releases!

What’s Tech communities are chatting about? It’s the rocking set of Apple Smartphones XS, XS Max and XR and a  Smartwatch  series 4 released yesterday four at a time. According to news iPhone XS, Ten X -not to be confused for a smaller iPhone- is bigger in shape, larger, but also more expensive. The iPhone XS Max, reportedly the biggest smartphone ever with a 6.5 inches and most importantly faster processors. The XR is less sophisticated than the two previously mentioned though; but it’s a 6.1 inch screen, with durable glass and comes with a wide range of colors. Apple Watch Series 4 in the other hand is the real deal; we’re dealing here with a smartwatch that is surveilled by Food and Drug Administration F.D.A; it’s a heart tracker with a larger screen and it comes with various bandits but mainly it’s a life savior for some people; actually, with its electrocardiogram, this device will automatically call emergency if the wearer fell and haven’t moved for a minute! One can see how competitive this can get with the Android's new Wear OS watch faces! Source:

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September 13, 2018

minty thoughts

Get some minty thoughts and discover with us the last trends and technologies in UIUX Design and softwares

OpenJS, the New open source Foundation

Linux company is opening a new gate,OpenJS, which merges ReactJS and JavaScript for a new experience in open source projects that will serve in the growth of

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March 19, 2019

H.App.y Birthday MINT.IT!

We are H.App.y to announce our 4th birthday! We have grown, we have thrived and we have prosperously achieved miles of our dreams; but

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March 6, 2019


To count our blessings for the previous year, during 2018, MINTIT has grown technically and entrepreneurially, as well as at the level of  Human resources, of course. We

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January 3, 2019