OpenJS, the New open source Foundation

Linux company is opening a new gate,OpenJS, which merges ReactJS and JavaScript for a new experience in open source projects that will serve in the growth of JavaScript. As a start, the idea begins with 20 projects open source which includes jQuery, Node.js, Appium, Dojo, and webpack. This initiative got the support of worldwide corporate like Google, Microsoft, IBM, to name a few. Along with this announcement, CDF continuous Delivery Foundation also was kicked off, as it will serve as hub that welcomes vendors, developers, and users’ implication.


The Team

March 19, 2019

H.App.y Birthday MINT.IT!

We are H.App.y to announce our 4th birthday! We have grown, we have thrived and we have prosperously achieved miles of our dreams; but the trip is still on and on! We have eagerly witnessed the leaves of our Minty dream sprouting Everyday a little. Today it's an accomplished firm that is no more crawling, but running in the highway of Mobile development companies in the country! We rise the glasses for our achievements, for the team that climbed the ladder of success one by one to rise the name of MINT.IT among the App achievers of the World. Hand in hand we will thrive rise up everytime miles ahead. Hail Mint.IT, Hail to the achievers!

Depuis 2015 et jusqu’à nos jours, Mint IT a parcouru un très long chemin pendant lequel elle a évolué considérablement. Une vision chargée de rêves, d'ambitions, d'espoir et surtout un immense enthousiasme. Aujourd’hui en célébrant ce 4ème anniversaire, rien n’a changé à l’exception qu’une partie de nos rêves qui s'est réalisé, nous avons encore quelques milliers de plus à accomplir. Joyeux Anniversaire Mint IT

Mohamed Khalloufi. CEO

The Team

March 6, 2019


To count our blessings for the previous year, during 2018, MINTIT has grown technically and entrepreneurially, as well as at the level of  Human resources, of course. We have actually beaten so many names to the top of Mobile Development field thanks to our proactive and dedicated devotion to our beliefs in the future of Mobile apps and technologies in the world.

Our team escalated the steps of success to the peak of technological achievements. At the level of entrepreneurship. our name has, prosperously, tied partnerships with clients from fields like Employment, International brands, Health, Entertainment.. just to name a few! We have responsibly held in our hands a variety of thrived projects that are local and international; it ascended our brand worldwide and carved it in the local market.

Our team has proven a great capacity of co-working and sharing; MINTIT is a beehive where individuals are valued and the work is worshiped. At the same time, this beehive is the home where we spend memorable moments and grasp lifetime experiences.

Following a systematic plan of working, our Applications are the products of creative designers and shrewd developers besides the prowess of mangers.

We sealed 2018 with so many experiences in the field and we, the team of MINTIT, in 2019, will create our path in the field of  Mobile Development, we’ll keep inhaling the new Tech and pioneering in App development.

The Team

January 3, 2019

Bebo, the new WordPress 5.0

WordPress has launched the new version of WP 5.0 named Bebo, after a Cuban jazz singer. The updated CMS is found in 37 languages and downloadable now with better features. It comes with a stream-line editing experience that optimizes the insertion of Media content, rearranging any type of content. 5.0 WordPress permits content editing in different block with easily deployable Paragraphs, headings, quotes, images, etc. Important to mention, this version allow Class Editors to keep using the old version, all this with WordPress 5.1 being cooked in the horizon…

The Team

December 10, 2018


Technology is lit up with Android these days; Android has announced that it is going to back the new flexible-bendable devices. Samsung has presented the new foldable phones yesterday, during the Android develop summit. The new foldable devices have books-like furrows in the middle. Android is now optimizing its means in order to gain leverage in this new industry. Technically, Android developers are up to carrying out ‘the continuity of screen’ –during of which API informs app when “screen’s size or orientation has changed”. For these changes app dev should creat new layouts 3so that apps scale properly across smartphones and tablets with different resolutions, screen sizes, and screen densities"!


The Team

November 8, 2018

Google’s Improving Security Approach

The mountain view company is raising high bar for security measures for users. Google introduces after Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a bouquet of hijack prevention; practically as soon as the Google account sign-in starts with detecting unauthorized activity followed by few steps such as Verifing security settings, securing user’s attached accounts (to Google account), besides checking financial activity .e.g. payment/transaction etc., in addition to reviewing content for data compromises. Google will sending alert notification to Security Checkup through a web dashboard, it functions in two ways. Check if application is using information from users’ data and depicting unusual activities. Personalized alerts is emitted in case of any data is shared from Google account to a third paert like a site or an app. Furthermore, Google will require JavaScript on the sign-in page for its automatic threats blocking! Google will notify G Suite admins in case of detecting government guided attacks on the company! Source:

The Team

November 1, 2018


IoT, Internet of Things, is a new technology that involves Internet and Smart gadgets. IoT is now rapidly prevailing in our world; simply IoT could be inserted and applied to everything around us. The application of this technology is diverse and increasingly tuned to our daily needs. To enumerate the most important of them: Smart House, it’s somewhere IoT fits because it satisfies the need that varies between Luxury and Security for instance Smoke detectors, Inlet detectors and Smart lights are paramount for some people! This technology is as well efficient in economic sectors like Agriculture; it is a milestone in facilitating the live of farmers in the management of space and livestock now that IoT could detect the degree of moisture and soil composition and other options. IIoT, or Industrial Internet of things is also something; being accessible in “sensors, programs, software systems, and big data analytics” intelligent devices can be a big advancement for this segment of economy, The insertion of Internet of Things in Retails purchases is very likely common especially that these Smart devices like Beacons and NFC can be great of a help to the retailers to locate, orient and count costumers, besides smart payment and purchasing. A connected Health sphere is all what humanity needs because it involves an important achievement in healthcare, diseases, genetic medicine and other sides of healthcare that have great potential to improve thanks to IoT. Other fields could be enhanced thanks to this technology, naming Smart Cars where IoT could be helping car drivers with tools informing about “speed, location, and battery storage”. A great life securing and challenging to fancy cars lovers! Wearables are themselves smart gadgets that are in one hand exquisite, in other hand a must-have technology, Smart Wears comes now in different platform iOS and Android as well as in various shapes and designs. IoT, as mentioned above is invading the space, since they could be implemented at large scale securing “parking, structural health, noise maps, smart lighting, and smart roads” , this is what they call Smart cities. A city where everything is connected to internet! Every technology is compelling in its technicality but also in the improvement that it brings to the user and how it facilitates his life, especially when it covers security measures for the population; IoT now is a thing in itself, and it is improving and changing everyday! Stay Tuned!

The Team

October 31, 2018

Introduction to notification models

A notification is a direct means to communicate information to the user and keep them continuously in touch with the application. It is composed of strata of component, hence of functions; schematically goes from a source, that is the origin of the information in any given App –which varies accordingly with the variation of the App’s architecture. The message carried is signaled to the receiver through a notification Badge, a visual indicator that drives users to the conveyed message. A badge is not to be confused with the anchor, which is also a visual indicator or the vessel that carries the notification. A notification comes in two types: informative and actionable, differing from one application to another. A notification may be in several types and shapes: Notification Center (Medium), Source Anchored notification (What’sApp), Mixed Model (Facebook), It is paramount to know when and how to use the adequate type of notification accordingly with the type/function of the information! Source:

The Team

October 4, 2018

Firefox Focus reshaped for iOS and Android

Firefox Focus, the priavcy browzer updated by Mozilla, is refined for Android and Apple users in a new shape. It is delivered in a new design, it introduces a search suggestions and tips on the start screen. Available now on iOS and Android, Firefox Focus introduces privacy tools (Blocking Web tracker, social and analytics) and performance boosts. Mozilla’s updates to fit the latest versions of platforms, iOS and Android. A new look and features to suit both and to look as fresh as their new looks. A search suggestion is provided in the settings to be turned on for search predictions and enhancing the engine’s functions. Source:

The Team

October 3, 2018

Create a life-long successful Application!

Here are some tips to build a successful application: A successful application is one that is clear and purposeful; it doesn’t have to contain too much features and it communicates its value. It has to vouch for a strong brand that cannot be easily forgotten, it requires a strong identity that distinguishes it from other applications. A remarkable application should be ‘intuitive’ and reliable; generally users (85%) are up for quality; so the app should opt more for a better usability and avoid the common pitfalls such us crashes, memory and battery abuse. Additionally, an app should be intuitive; it facilitates the how-to-do and not waste user’s time in unnecessary steps; a study shows 50% of people prefer an ‘easy to use’ app over any other type. An important value of a good application is updates, supplying your app with new content and new features perpetually keeps users coming back to the application. It always invites users to keep an eye on what’s new on the app and eager to explore its functions. Updates should take a balanced rhythm, it should not be excessive and it should not take long gaps. Applications, nowadays, should go along with the users’ life and the techs surrounding him! It ought to be connected to all advanced devices and tools; More importantly the connectivity of an app is more valuable when it contains chatting options that keeps users connected! Source:

The Team

October 1, 2018