Google and New search Features!

Google resorts AI to make mobile Search on Google App more sophisticated, subtle and fast; AI affects in first place Google Search app for Android and its terse research engines! Celebrating its 20th birthday, Google praises users with a bouquet of new enjoyable and advanced features. ‘the Internet Giant’ as critics calls it, has improved and fancied multiple functions such as the Searching tool that relies now on Artificial intelligence (auto-generated “immersive content,” video previews, and improved image search) in order to provide users/ searchers with the answers the closest to them. Personalized, Google’s answers depend now on ML and what goes with users’ preferences, backgrounds and previous researches. With AI magic strings, videos -with a subtly figured content- would display following your search! Google, in another fold, has boosted the results of its search engine with an AMP format (Google Accelerated Mobile Pages); pictures and videos and all type of search are now enhanced with this format that provides the answers with advanced display on mobile screens. AMP Stories enable users a Snapchat-like ‘bookflip’, story-shape short videos displaying the search result! Also this week, Google refashions Feed into Discover, a lightweight search that provides personalized feeds; it appears in Google App at the bottom and it will show users news to their preferred topics in sort of headings and videos. Google surprises us also with Google Lens, ‘a visual search tool’ that detects objects and introduces same context results! A tool that will soon migrate from Android and iOS to web. Source:  

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September 27, 2018

Your Guide to Create a Unique Logo!

Is it an easy job for a designer to create a logo? Definitely not if you see the amount of lousy logos on brands and street panels! However, following some guidance, one can come up with the simple, convincing and successful logo which subtly carries the message of the brand and be the title with which you judge the book right! First a logo should not be complicated and especially should not engage the observer in deciphering its clues! Easy, it’s the rule number one to everything: “le plus simple, le plus beau!” and Nike is one kind of a simple logo that we don’t need to advertise for; Rule number two, make it look good if small! For logo conceived for small screens, iPads, Smartphones the designer should bear in mind how a logo would display and its future proportions! Hence Google updated the font and the size of its logo. Third rule is to make the icon twice bigger than the font so that it doesn’t kill the depth of the logo, Airbnb demonstrates this notion par excellence! In a further step, it favorably appeasing to be consistent in the choice of letter size; it is unpleasant for the eye to perceive same-sized letter in a logo. It as important as the former line, the spacing between letters should be adequately measured and set in a way that no crowding prevents the readability of the logo. Make sure your logo doesn’t have round edges; it takes its sharpness away and gives it a meak and easy allure! Sharp edges intensify the borders and puts emphasis on the Logo! A historically marked logo is one that lives forever, the persistence of CocaCola comes from one idea: its uniqueness! No other company has had such controversially remarkable logo. Every designer should innovate and pioneer in molding a unique and one of a kind logo that speaks only that particular brand. Finally, a logo should come from your guts, your intuition plays a big role in innovation of a unique and subtle logo. As a hint, Logo Apple follows the Golden Ratio, an unintended twist in the creation of the logo that distinguishes Apple from zillions of Phone logos in the world, just like this! Source:

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September 24, 2018

There’ll be no more Fabric in 2019, towards Firebase!

Bought by Google, Firebase in 2014 and Fabric in 2017, the two companies are blending them in the purpose of erasing Fabric off App creation. Google has traced a follow up for developers to step out smoothly from Fabric, including Crashlytics and all Fabric functionalities by 2019! Reportedly, developers are now able to use Crashlytics on Firebase, but still will use data on Fabric and Crashlytics beta on the latter until Firebase beta be ready in the predicted time by next year. By that time, the migration to Firebase should take place in steps and developers could explore all App development tools of Fabric on Firebase starting in the predicted time!   Source:

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September 18, 2018

Apple’s Hottest Releases!

What’s Tech communities are chatting about? It’s the rocking set of Apple Smartphones XS, XS Max and XR and a  Smartwatch  series 4 released yesterday four at a time. According to news iPhone XS, Ten X -not to be confused for a smaller iPhone- is bigger in shape, larger, but also more expensive. The iPhone XS Max, reportedly the biggest smartphone ever with a 6.5 inches and most importantly faster processors. The XR is less sophisticated than the two previously mentioned though; but it’s a 6.1 inch screen, with durable glass and comes with a wide range of colors. Apple Watch Series 4 in the other hand is the real deal; we’re dealing here with a smartwatch that is surveilled by Food and Drug Administration F.D.A; it’s a heart tracker with a larger screen and it comes with various bandits but mainly it’s a life savior for some people; actually, with its electrocardiogram, this device will automatically call emergency if the wearer fell and haven’t moved for a minute! One can see how competitive this can get with the Android's new Wear OS watch faces! Source:

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September 13, 2018

Wear OS, Android’s new Smartwatches!

Trendy and fashionable, but mainly high-tech ; get yourself a wristwatch that can do all. After Android wear, Google is conceiving the new OS Wear. The new operating system to connect wearable technologies! These devices connects users’ phone to their compatible watch face; the latter is smartly able to run a variety of Applications that are snazzy and useful. For fitness fun it is amazing tool to spare them using phone during workouts, especially those using heartbeat and/or steps tracker. With OS Wear provides necessary information, constantly connected to phone during situation where it’s impossible to pick up a phone. Wear OS integrate all luxuries need and usually used with phone especially to those who roam outside with a hit in the ears! Additionally, Wear OS is sustained by Google Assistant, a voice over that will make your Why fashionable? Because it is compatible with any trend and comes with diverse colors and shapes that goes with outfits! Btw, Wear OS is open for App developers who aim to create apps for watch faces; it is compatible 4.4+ Android and iOS 9.3+. Source:  

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September 13, 2018


The augmented reality is now outspreading in unprecedented rhythm! With the soon-to-released iOS 12; Apple will release ARkit 2. An improved platform that will allow iOS apps a better AR experience through apps and games. ARkit 2 comes with better features that superpowers ARkit 1.5 with three major changes: AR games and apps will be persistent, the game could not be interrupted by any activity on the device, whenever you resume you can pick up where you left. The second trend is that an AR experience will be shared by multiple player/user and simultaneously manipulated no matter where the user is in the world. One of the fabulous traits with these features is that devices can detect objects and track things in the space like real-life 3 dimensions appearing on a screen. Waiting for the iOS 12, the augmented reality experience is eagerly awaited by iOS developers and Apple users. Source:

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September 10, 2018


Every designer has a peculiar style in his artworks; he chooses his style and his stamp throughout a long way of self-positioning and self-sculpting. Some others define a style the type of tools and the kind of prototyping their lead. To tackle the best prototyping it is better to master the skill adapting, sharing and to be aware of usage and to keep an eye on the easiness of use and comfort a product convey, in addition to being conscious of the intricacies of the price. These skills allow the designer to visualize the product in its future image, to conceptualize the app and simulate their product at its finest shape. This step is actually possible after designating the best designing program, software, app. In a compilation, there is a bouquet of prototypers that designers overseas are using; that differentiate in techniques and characteristics. Such us: MarvelApp, InVision, JustinMind, Flinto, Proto-io, Origami-Design, Axure, Fluid, Prottapp and; each of these has specific features that the complexity is ranked from high, good, average or low, all depends on the design. The choice of the suitable Prototypers depends on several characteristics that differs from a design to another like the speed, interactivity, user testing, collaboration, affordability, etc. Variable, these are the finest of UI/UX design tools in 2018! Source:

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September 7, 2018

Startups and Machine Learning

Launchpad, an acceleration program for startup in all over the world, is creating a new cohort for financial startups that applies machine learning. Actually, Launchpad has a history of creating a similar association for a healthcare focused cohort. The subject matter is boosting financial startups to solve technical predicaments and boosting their economic growth by an increasing spotlight on ML, for instance, and in this case, “financial inclusion, stable currencies and identification services”; Financial startups from overseas, mentioning: Aye-finance (india), Celo (USA), Go-jeck (Indonesia) Starling Bank (UK) and others are evolving and aiming at great economic booms thanks to methods vouched by Google like Machine learning and Blockchains. These systems are removing success barriers for startups by predicting future plans and seeing through the needs of the markets and paving ground for startups. Launchpad is targeting several fields and soon to be aiming farther. Machine Learning is opening doors for a better future of Startups! Source:

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September 6, 2018

Big steps for Google Assistant

Remember VIKI from “I, Robots”? A Sci-fi human voice who's at your service 24h and acts-out your wishes? We are finally at that utopic time. Android has introduced Google Assistant in I/O 2016 and it’s getting more and more interesting. Here’s one: Android Users can now command Music and Video Apps through Google Assistant. The latter enables users to Play, Pause or Stop Music, Audio, Videos applications. The implementation of MediaSession, ‘a middleware that allows outside actors to control the media player in your app’, made it possible for your users to control music, lights or gadgets around them with intelligent communications that mimics human-android conversation. Waiting for coming releases and improvement with Android, Google Assistant is riding a long race with SIRI. Source:

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August 31, 2018

2018 Trends in Web designs

Design in 2018 comes up with newly refined fashion of design; new trends that translate the minimalist stream flowing over the horizon of art and design in the last decades. These new trends are characterized by white and light color scheme; it involves pastel palettes and plain colors; it also reanimates aesthetic shape, imagery, videos and elements which decorates the back and the foreground of the design. Designers now focus more on delivering data visualization, reliable and valuable data. Maps, chart and interactive animation, such type of memorable information are simplified by designers in order to users to grasp the idea or the topic targeted. Automated tools and interactive data are the solutions for large-scale unmanageable data. Polygons are very trendy in the late two years, designers tend to reshape the formers are micro or macro-size them. These shapes gives a modern an attractive aspect to the shape, it goes from simple to hight scales of sophistication in shape innovation, in the below links lay several interesting demonstrations of the aforementioned features, check’em out! Source:

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August 13, 2018