The augmented reality is now outspreading in unprecedented rhythm! With the soon-to-released iOS 12; Apple will release ARkit 2. An improved platform that will allow iOS apps a better AR experience through apps and games. ARkit 2 comes with better features that superpowers ARkit 1.5 with three major changes: AR games and apps will be persistent, the game could not be interrupted by any activity on the device, whenever you resume you can pick up where you left. The second trend is that an AR experience will be shared by multiple player/user and simultaneously manipulated no matter where the user is in the world. One of the fabulous traits with these features is that devices can detect objects and track things in the space like real-life 3 dimensions appearing on a screen. Waiting for the iOS 12, the augmented reality experience is eagerly awaited by iOS developers and Apple users. Source: https://developer.apple.com/arkit/

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September 10, 2018


Jobi is a lifestyle! Used now by a various number of people, Jobi the application, is a platform accessible to everyone longing for a sheer after-work or a chilling tapas with the mates. Jobi is modern definition of Resto-bar in Tunisia; outlet on different geographic areas in Tunisia: Tunis, Sousse and Hammamat. Jobi implemented digital services for their client to be in perpetual communication with their needs and their insights. By means of mobile and website, jobi.bar/, now clients are able to browse through the different activities of Jobi and Jobi Beach in different cities. It provides all the information that a Jobiste may need: events like football games projection, ladies night, bachelors’ night, happy-hours all current now-and-here infos are available with offers on the app along distant booking and other interesting options. Relaxation, good beverages, good quality of liquor, tasty amuse-bouche, flavored all these mirrored in the classy design of the app. With a system of digitized fidelity Jobi, rewards its loyal clients with offers and plenty of options that aim at attracting more and more potential loyal costumes. The app establishes a QR scanning functionality that doesn’t substitute card, however it garantees safe validation of consumption préférences and loyal clients. JOBI transformed from an ordinary beach pub-tapas to a digitized pub that goes beyond classic services to distance provision of information, distance invitation , e-advertizing of their appealing offers. It’s a multifunctional application that indulges the client and leaves the business at ease marketing-wise. In addition, Jobi provides advanced options like geofencing and geolocation and approximity, welcoming and greeting notifications for clients. For managers, it is now possible to monitor communication with clients through a dashboard. A tool that optimized the functionality of notification by personalizing and customizing notification of loyal costumers. For the purpose, managers have a visibility of clients rate and statistics in real time, and in the three outlets of the pub. Jobi is a diverse apparatus whose monitoring options are shared between mangers and the staff. It stores the clients’ activities, consumption, number accesses and cumulates fidelity points, and with a simple sweep of QR code it identifies clients’ profile. Because security matters for Jobists, therefore an interface was provided for security agents in order to identify clients with simple code scanning. This operation regulates the consumers’ access and manages space. This application is a network of team work between Managers, staff, security agents, all coworking for the best interest of the Jobi system and more importantly for better pub experience in Tunisia. JOBI V 2.0 is now available!

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August 10, 2018

IOS 12 is Here With Multiple Features, Options, and Soon on Iphone!

To iPhone fans, who have been waiting for this moment: Apple will soon release iOS 12, although it’s a beta, it’s a full package and filled with numerous new features. IOS 12 comes to the light with variety of improvement across the board to its mobile OS, faster performance on old devices, new prediction Siri features and group face-time chat; in addition to digital health-conscious tools in order to measure and control the users’ time spent on screen (managing weekly reports and daily notifications) and interestingly creating personalized Memojis. Each of the latter features is refined and reshaped for the best user experience with Apple. Apple is raising the challenge of smart high-tech to the peak and improving its edges at every new release.

The Team

August 1, 2018

From now on it’s Android 8.0

Android has lately announced that starting from august 1st 2018 new apps should meet the newest version of android 8.0. In other words, existent application should be adjusted to the newest version of android 8.0 with the verity of its new characteristics on the one hand; on the other hand, apps should consequently be up-to-date to this version starting from november 2019. I.e. in order for mobile holders to install new application they should either be owners of android of the mentioned version or should be able to push their phones forward to reach the latest app versions. One has to mention that android developers must be taking into consideration these changes and be able to alter old apps functionalities to be compatible with the last versions and be ready for a new future of app development that syncs with android's last fashions. Android developers are now implicated to go through the modernization of apps that suits the user, naming migrating the app from GCM to FCM, take advantage of advanced window management like: multi-window tasks and the optimization of the device, in addition to using modern camera support etc.         Source: https://developer.android.com/distribute/best-practices/develop/target-sdk

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July 20, 2018


Always at the heart of the learning machine, Google changes your doodle into real drawings thanks to a pertinent combination of Paint and AI. This application is the product of AI and of “Quick, Draw!” that is autodidactic and that is magically capable of recognizing at least 20 seconds any doodle you scribble. Simply, as soon as one draws any shape, a pattern of algorithms comes with various minimalist suggestions popping from a data base of illustrations. To be mentioned, the tool will decorate with a star every sketch he deems the closest to yours! Available on web, but also on smartphones and digital tablets, AutoDraw makes drawing more easier and accessible for everyone. We have tested for you this pretty sketch! To discover more about it, visit AutoDraw et unveil the secret drawer dwelling inside you!!

The Team

June 4, 2018

Firebase DevSummit 2016 is Back!

It has been a year since Google has launched Firebase: the new version of its unified platform; since then the platform has been supplying services to developers which almost all of them are free of charge (limitedly, of course). One have been since eagerly waiting that Firebase brings more and more this year, and to discover it there’s no better way than attending the Firebase DevSummit 2016, taking place in Berlin. Once we were at the Hotel, with a 1° temperature that day, it was very heartwarming to see the colors of Firebase! A warmth that was soon confirmed by the quality of the hosting and the smile of the hostesses. From the principal hall, and during intermission breaks, it was a huge pleasure for me to share my experience as a developer with other participants from worldwide, these exchanges allowed me to sneak on some new hacks and to reflect on the experience of other developers, their daily and the challenges they face.           Aside, a room, #askfirebase, opened its door the whole day to participants who want to exchange and ask questions to the experts of firebase who in their turn were responsive and engaged to serve the audience who were curious and determined to learn more more. During the session, Speakers had unveiled a number of updates; here bellow are some of them:

  • Firebase Crush Reporting: The optimization of waiting time from 20min to only 1min and a better integration with analytics; it allows to have a pathway scenario that leads to crush.
  • Firebase Test Lab : It belongs now on to spark plan with maximum of 5 tests a day with real devices and a maximum of 10 testes with the emulators.
  • Firebase analytics: In case of need, there’s a possibility to analyse a big number of data, to export data Analytics to BigQuery that allow a better analysis
  • Unity Plugin: It  supports the Realtime database, the authentification, the Dynamic links and the Remote Configuration
  • Open-source Ui Library: A libaray that supplies a group of graphic elements integrated with Firebase
  • Udacity courses: Free of charges courses available at Udacity to help Android and iOS developers
  • Debug View : Available on limited versions, analytics data can be tracked in real time, this can help developers to send notifications or to activate RemoteConfig according to users’ interaction.
For those who hadn’t had the chance to attand or those who missed the live streaming. Here is a link to the Firebase DevSummit!      

The Team

May 9, 2018

Offline logging is now possible on Google!

Your aspiration of an offline logging is now on possible with Google App, and it's not a joke! Nowadays,  you can browse in Google app from your Smartphone; Shekhar Sherad, the product manager has recently announced on the official blog of Mountain View that the latest optimizations have been made on the application; actually, it is now feasable to record the user's list of offline researches, even those browsed during airplane mode, in order to eventually deliver their results once the user is online again.



Shekar explained that the offline browsing would not have any damagine impact on the Data use or the battery lifetime; the aim is allow the users to carry out searching despite of connectivity!

It is important to mention that this option is only available after the latest update of Android.


The Team

May 9, 2018