2018 Trends in Web designs

Design in 2018 comes up with newly refined fashion of design; new trends that translate the minimalist stream flowing over the horizon of art and design in the last decades. These new trends are characterized by white and light color scheme; it involves pastel palettes and plain colors; it also reanimates aesthetic shape, imagery, videos and elements which decorates the back and the foreground of the design. Designers now focus more on delivering data visualization, reliable and valuable data. Maps, chart and interactive animation, such type of memorable information are simplified by designers in order to users to grasp the idea or the topic targeted. Automated tools and interactive data are the solutions for large-scale unmanageable data. Polygons are very trendy in the late two years, designers tend to reshape the formers are micro or macro-size them. These shapes gives a modern an attractive aspect to the shape, it goes from simple to hight scales of sophistication in shape innovation, in the below links lay several interesting demonstrations of the aforementioned features, check’em out! Source: https://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2018/07/3-essential-design-trends-august-2018/#

The Team

August 13, 2018

Create your own app storybrod with Mint iT

Mobile applications have become an essential means for creating new services for mobile users, for Startups as well as for famous brands. A Success story doesn’t happen only for others! The first step is always the hardest and one idea is never enough! For an application that doesn’t present a well organized ergonomy would never know the light. According to Google 25% of downloaded applications are never used and 26% are abandoned. The first thing to do, like in every project, is to define the needs and the motivations of the mobile app’s set up which should be stable, pleasant and especially functional. Everything starts with a Storyboard. To conceive an application, it is important to determine which object is the core of interaction, the actions and the properties as well as the different visions. Therefore, it is crucial to go throughout the « Storyboard» phase to put things in order. The term Storyboard consists of, as the word itself reveals it, telling a story or a scenario through a picture; it is the same principle for storyboards with iOS or Android they will narrate the usage cycle of an application, thanks to interrelated screens. Mint.iT makes sure to identify the experience that the client looks for with a primary understanding of his needs. With the help of the graphic team, the project manager suggests multiple scenarios that will be later presented into sketches in order to eventually visualize the conception of the application. These sketches will be to our developers, as well to our clients, much more comprehensible than textual explanations; Handling his boards, the project manager delves into the navigation and the use of the app and he goes through the ergonomy thanks to the different sprints in order to guarantee a better user experience. A visual representation of your thoughts is an important step to a clearer and more functional project. If you already have an idea, it’s there where you have to start!

The Team

June 4, 2018