Every designer has a peculiar style in his artworks; he chooses his style and his stamp throughout a long way of self-positioning and self-sculpting. Some others define a style the type of tools and the kind of prototyping their lead. To tackle the best prototyping it is better to master the skill adapting, sharing and to be aware of usage and to keep an eye on the easiness of use and comfort a product convey, in addition to being conscious of the intricacies of the price. These skills allow the designer to visualize the product in its future image, to conceptualize the app and simulate their product at its finest shape. This step is actually possible after designating the best designing program, software, app. In a compilation, there is a bouquet of prototypers that designers overseas are using; that differentiate in techniques and characteristics. Such us: MarvelApp, InVision, JustinMind, Flinto, Proto-io, Origami-Design, Axure, Fluid, Prottapp and; each of these has specific features that the complexity is ranked from high, good, average or low, all depends on the design. The choice of the suitable Prototypers depends on several characteristics that differs from a design to another like the speed, interactivity, user testing, collaboration, affordability, etc. Variable, these are the finest of UI/UX design tools in 2018! Source:

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The Team

September 7, 2018

minty thoughts

Get some minty thoughts and discover with us the last trends and technologies in UIUX Design and softwares

Ai Hackathon Tunisia 2019 by InstaDeep

Tunsia has hosted this weekend one of the remarkably biggest events of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in Africa and all the Men

The Team

September 25, 2019

OpenJS, the New open source Foundation

Linux company is opening a new gate,OpenJS, which merges ReactJS and JavaScript for a new experience in open source projects that will serve in the growth of

The Team

March 19, 2019