Google and New search Features!

Google resorts AI to make mobile Search on Google App more sophisticated, subtle and fast; AI affects in first place Google Search app for Android and its terse research engines! Celebrating its 20th birthday, Google praises users with a bouquet of new enjoyable and advanced features. ‘the Internet Giant’ as critics calls it, has improved and fancied multiple functions such as the Searching tool that relies now on Artificial intelligence (auto-generated “immersive content,” video previews, and improved image search) in order to provide users/ searchers with the answers the closest to them. Personalized, Google’s answers depend now on ML and what goes with users’ preferences, backgrounds and previous researches. With AI magic strings, videos -with a subtly figured content- would display following your search! Google, in another fold, has boosted the results of its search engine with an AMP format (Google Accelerated Mobile Pages); pictures and videos and all type of search are now enhanced with this format that provides the answers with advanced display on mobile screens. AMP Stories enable users a Snapchat-like ‘bookflip’, story-shape short videos displaying the search result! Also this week, Google refashions Feed into Discover, a lightweight search that provides personalized feeds; it appears in Google App at the bottom and it will show users news to their preferred topics in sort of headings and videos. Google surprises us also with Google Lens, ‘a visual search tool’ that detects objects and introduces same context results! A tool that will soon migrate from Android and iOS to web. Source:  

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September 27, 2018

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September 25, 2019

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March 19, 2019