IoT, Internet of Things, is a new technology that involves Internet and Smart gadgets. IoT is now rapidly prevailing in our world; simply IoT could be inserted and applied to everything around us. The application of this technology is diverse and increasingly tuned to our daily needs. To enumerate the most important of them: Smart House, it’s somewhere IoT fits because it satisfies the need that varies between Luxury and Security for instance Smoke detectors, Inlet detectors and Smart lights are paramount for some people! This technology is as well efficient in economic sectors like Agriculture; it is a milestone in facilitating the live of farmers in the management of space and livestock now that IoT could detect the degree of moisture and soil composition and other options. IIoT, or Industrial Internet of things is also something; being accessible in “sensors, programs, software systems, and big data analytics” intelligent devices can be a big advancement for this segment of economy, The insertion of Internet of Things in Retails purchases is very likely common especially that these Smart devices like Beacons and NFC can be great of a help to the retailers to locate, orient and count costumers, besides smart payment and purchasing. A connected Health sphere is all what humanity needs because it involves an important achievement in healthcare, diseases, genetic medicine and other sides of healthcare that have great potential to improve thanks to IoT. Other fields could be enhanced thanks to this technology, naming Smart Cars where IoT could be helping car drivers with tools informing about “speed, location, and battery storage”. A great life securing and challenging to fancy cars lovers! Wearables are themselves smart gadgets that are in one hand exquisite, in other hand a must-have technology, Smart Wears comes now in different platform iOS and Android as well as in various shapes and designs. IoT, as mentioned above is invading the space, since they could be implemented at large scale securing “parking, structural health, noise maps, smart lighting, and smart roads” , this is what they call Smart cities. A city where everything is connected to internet! Every technology is compelling in its technicality but also in the improvement that it brings to the user and how it facilitates his life, especially when it covers security measures for the population; IoT now is a thing in itself, and it is improving and changing everyday! Stay Tuned!

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The Team

October 31, 2018

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The Team

September 25, 2019

OpenJS, the New open source Foundation

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The Team

March 19, 2019