Thinking is the new smart in UX Design!

Before you start designing, sketching or conceptualizing a product, do some thinking! Designers should not be brainstorming the features of the product, but the problem that the product is going to solve, to whom is it destined, how and why is he doing it, and most importantly what is he achieving? Because creating a product that doesn’t solve a problem or targeting the problem that doesn’t exist to customers is obviously futile, a waste of resources and energy. Beautiful features and pleasant designs can be found at every designer’s hand; and usually comes at the expense of the product. Laura Javier suggests to ‘Fall in love with a problem, not a specific solution’; Indeed, every designer should aim at questions which answers to the users’ problem, targeted audience, a vision, a strategy, the goals, and the features aimed. It is compulsory to think about the function rather than the features! That’s how a creative and endurable products comes to light.     Sourc:

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The Team

August 30, 2018

minty thoughts

Get some minty thoughts and discover with us the last trends and technologies in UIUX Design and softwares

Ai Hackathon Tunisia 2019 by InstaDeep

Tunsia has hosted this weekend one of the remarkably biggest events of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in Africa and all the Men

The Team

September 25, 2019

OpenJS, the New open source Foundation

Linux company is opening a new gate,OpenJS, which merges ReactJS and JavaScript for a new experience in open source projects that will serve in the growth of

The Team

March 19, 2019