Kickoff and storyboard

The kickoff session has as objective to define the best storyboard of your mobile project. Our UX experts push side by side with you the limits of imagination around the architecture of your application, on board functionality, a data flux and the best scenario of navigation leading to the acquisition of aspired goals.

Wireframes and Design

Once the storyboard is ready, our designers would suggest drawings in wireframes; principle screens of your application, this will permit you to have a look on the functionality aboard of your next application and to consequently act on the recommendations, suggestions or the demand of modifications. Then, our team will transform these wireframes in complete graphic proposals laying on the latest UI trends in order to offer the best ergonomy to your users.

Development and Optimization

In Android as well as in iOS, we build our development around the natives, no cross-platforms, this offers strength and excellent performance to your application. Our processes are agile, together we move forward, step by step in every handover. Your involvement and feedbacks permit our developers to optimize some mechanism and aspects of your application, our Testers work concurrently to verify and guarantee a quality of optimal coding that works within the norms.

Deployment and Go Live !

Whether your application is ready or not? We take in charge its production on your Google Play or your App Store account, this means that we establish the necessary mechanisms for the follow up of statistics and performances and we intervene as quickly as it takes to answer the requirements of optimizations issued from apps store or your users in purpose of accustoming and optimization. We make sure to support your application and we maintain its performance in the hands of the users.