Let’s seal it with Minty Celebrations!

To seal this year with merriment, our team celebrates a year of hardwork and commitment to the dream and, as Winston Churchill said “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – and it is our go-get it spirit that is leading our company ahead everyday. 

Thanks to our strong ambitions, we stand out from the line at the turn of year 2019 to look at our accomplishments in order to set clear goals for the third decade of the millennium. 

We believe to be one the pioneers in Mobile Apps creation today in Tunisia. This year has been excellently pregnant with a full portfolio that is decorated by miscellaneous Mobile Applications; in traveling, tourism, restaurants, factories, QA system, retail loyalty systems, Foody, e-shopping, .. and that’s just to name a few! and to add a pinch of pepper: this year, we have surprised our clients all over the world, per se, Honk Kong, New caledonia, France, and most importantly in Tunisia 🇹🇳

Mint IT has set a milestone to run for Digital Transformation expertise; it is now one of our unquestionable strengths. With Digital transformation in hand, we created opportunities for many industries to open doors for a new era of Industry 4.0. This opportunity facilitated their everyday operating methods and proximated fragmented departments, which are esteemed today more +80% digitally connected. 

Our prosperity for this year does not only sprout out, it’s the little quick-wins inside home that we would like to share for the public. During this year, We have maintained a cycle of a in-door event inside MINTIT where homies share and exchange their technological savvy and shrewdness in Mobile business, design, marketing, Agile Process, and the list is long. Around a circle table we have learned from each other and inspired one another: we call it Tuesday Mobile Talk 👏🏼👏🏼!

At the local level, and because we’d love always to learn and to improve our skills, our team made it to empirical level by obtaining renown certifications, UX Interaction Design Foundation and Professional Scrum Master , for instance. We hold to a young team who are eager to grow and eager to learn in order to reach to their ambition.

Our accomplishment this year are definitely not final, we will hold up to what we have won and tackle the next challenges. 

Before closing, Richard Branson, once said  “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” therefore, we are always open for new successes, planning for the future and believing in ourselves 💪

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