Introduction to notification models

A notification is a direct means to communicate information to the user and keep them continuously in touch with the application. It is composed of strata of component, hence of functions; schematically goes from a source, that is the origin of the information in any given App –which varies accordingly with the variation of the App’s architecture. The message carried is signaled to the receiver through a notification Badge, a visual indicator that drives users to the conveyed message. A badge is not to be confused with the anchor, which is also a visual indicator or the vessel that carries the notification. A notification comes in two types: informative and actionable, differing from one application to another. A notification may be in several types and shapes: Notification Center (Medium), Source Anchored notification (What’sApp), Mixed Model (Facebook), It is paramount to know when and how to use the adequate type of notification accordingly with the type/function of the information! Source:

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October 4, 2018

minty thoughts

Get some minty thoughts and discover with us the last trends and technologies in UIUX Design and softwares

OpenJS, the New open source Foundation

Linux company is opening a new gate,OpenJS, which merges ReactJS and JavaScript for a new experience in open source projects that will serve in the growth of

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March 19, 2019

H.App.y Birthday MINT.IT!

We are H.App.y to announce our 4th birthday! We have grown, we have thrived and we have prosperously achieved miles of our dreams; but

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March 6, 2019


To count our blessings for the previous year, during 2018, MINTIT has grown technically and entrepreneurially, as well as at the level of  Human resources, of course. We

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January 3, 2019